Johnny Robinson

Star Facts

  • Johnny auditioned with Etta James’s At Last

  • He wants to be as big as Gaga

  • Johnny has also appeared on Stars in Their Eyes as Boy George

  • He had previously performed in London as drag act, Sara Lee


X Factor’s most excitable contestant, Johnny Robinson from Harrow in North West London, is hoping to add a bit of dazzle to this year’s proceedings.

The 45-year-old singleton, who lives alone in a bed-sit, took his chance to shine at the London auditions with his rendition of Etta James’s timeless classic At Last.

After telling the judging panel he wanted to be as big as Lady Gaga, there were needless to say a few raised eyebrows.

But after a standing ovation from the audience, Johnny couldn’t believe his eyes and was absolutely overwhelmed by the reaction.

“Johnny you’ve got the shock factor” replied Tulisa, as the loveable contestant bounced off the stage with four big yeses from the judges and celebrated with a cup of tea.

The quirky entertainer, who admits a passion for karaoke, started singing from an early age and has previously performed in pubs and clubs around London as drag act, Sara Lee.

He also took part in the popular TV show Stars in Their Eyes when he was 24, performing as Boy George. He went on to win his show and competed in the grand final. Not too camera shy then Johnny?

However, he has since revealed after his audition that he would like to be taken more seriously as a singer and would someday like to make an album. Looks like Johnny’s drag days could be over!

Johnny had a bit of a wobble at Boot Camp, forgetting the lyrics to Katy Perry’s Firework and, fearing the worst, the plucky Londoner felt he had ruined his last chance at stardom.

However never one to disappoint, the ‘Over 25’s’ mentor Louis Walsh saw something special in Johnny and gave him a second chance, sending him to Barcelona for Judges’ Houses.

The self-confessed lover of spray tans, who confesses to having one for his performance so he didn’t look like a “pork chop”, sang his heart out to Louis and guest judge Sinnita.

“Where did that voice come from” exclaimed a shocked Sinnita after Johnny’s soulful performance of Amy Winehouse’s Love is a Losing Game, which won him his place in Louis’s final four.

Johnny says he has settled in nicely as the ‘daddy’ of the X Factor house, alongside fellow ‘Over 25s’ contestant Sami Brookes as ‘mummy’, doing lots of cooking and cleaning.

The wannabe celeb has since been mobbed in his favourite local shop Primark and claims he won’t stop shopping in the budget store if he makes it big. Hmmm we’ll see about that one Johnny.