Kingsland Road

Kingsland Road

Star Facts

  • Band members - Josh 20, Matt 25, Connor 19, Jay 19, Thompson 22

  • Mentor: Gary Barlow

  • They were originally called Kingsland, but were forced to change their name due to a USA band having the same name - but who’s heard of them!?

  • They all live together – but Jay sleeps on the floor, because his blow up bed lost its cap The band have met Nathan from The Wanted and are tipped to be the next One Direction

Kingsland Road we hear you say? Who are they?! Yes you’re right they have had to change their name from Kingsland, due to an American band having the same name – well we’ve never heard of them! These boys are being compared to the likes of One Direction, which they are over the moon about – get planning your world domination boys. These boys are a tight knit friendship group who all live together in a flat in East London (funnily enough near Kingsland Road). Jay says he's been sleeping on the floor though, as he lost the cap for his blow up bed. Well, we are sure they are enjoying their new living arrangements in The X Factor mansion.