Kitty Brucknell

Star Facts

  • Kitty previously appeared on The Love Bus

  • She has been compared to Katie Waissel

  • Kitty auditioned with Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory

  • Her light-up flashing leotard which cost her over £2000


Gutsy blonde Kitty Brucknell is the undoubted marmite contestant of this year’s series of the nation’s favourite talent show, The X Factor.

The 26-year-old Britney Spears impersonator from Cheltenham stunned the judges at her London audition singing an acappella version of Lady Gaga’s power ballad Edge of Glory.
Head judge Gary Barlow and Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland both reacted with a simple “WOW.”

After her performance Kitty sat on the edge of the stage and nattered away to the judges like they were lifelong friends, which needless to say led to a few raised eyebrows.

Tulisa responded to the quirky singer by saying “people will either love you or hate you”, immediately causing the media to dub her as this year’s Katie Waissel.

Kitty has since revealed in response to this claim “people think I’m some sort of wild child, but I’m actually not like that.”

Whatever you say Kitty, as she appears be quite a feisty one, claiming that she doesn’t want to be a typical X Factor contestant and will give it her all in order to create a jaw-dropping show – you go girl!

But when she said she would give it her all, she meant it quite literally.

In preparation for her much anticipated Boot Camp performance of Feeling Good by Nina Simone, Kitty splashed out on a light-up flashing leotard which cost her over £2000, meaning she couldn’t pay her rent. That is some serious X Factor dedication.

Thankfully for Kitty her commitment paid off and she was put through to Judges’ Houses in Barcelona, home to X Factor mentor Louis Walsh.

He was joined by judging veteran Sinnita in witnessing another drama-fuelled performance.
The plucky singer sang a version of fellow talent competition contestant Kelly Clarkson’s Beautiful Disaster.

After a distinctively more humble performance, Kitty reverted back to the drama queen within and finished the performance by diving into the swimming pool.

A stunned Sinnita could only respond with “she confuses me so much Louis, I’m so confused about her… She’s so fascinating, So crazy.”

I think it is safe to say that Kitty wins The X Factor’s diva award, as she claims she already has her own ‘Team Kitty’ full of makeup artists and producers.

When asked about her unique style Kitty describes it as “diva-glam-pop” and even dreams of naming her first album this. Wow, she certainly is an ambitious lady.

The fame-hungry star might be recognisable to some, as she has made several small time TV appearances in the UK and the US, including the ITV daytime show ‘Dinner Date’ as well as Channel Five’s ‘The Love Bus’.

Kitty has been paid to sing since she was fifteen, and claims during her time as a Britney Spears impersonator she had gigs everyday.

However as this year’s X Factor villain she has already endured a lot of negative press, including claims she used to work as a lap-dancer, as well as receiving death threats on Twitter.

So whether you love her or hate her, Kitty Brucknell is definitely one to look out for this year, and will almost certainly be a regular on all the gossip columns.