Luisa Sola

Lucila Sola

Star Facts

  • Lucila speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and Italian

  • She is 39 years younger than her current boyfriend Al Pacino

  • Lucila’s father Federico Polak is the former spokesperson of the Argentine President

  • She has one daughter called Camila Morrone and a son named Maximo Morrone

  • She's 5ft 8 1/2 inches - over 2 inches taller than Al Pacino.

Lucila Sola was born in Buenos Aires, the daughter of Federico Polak, a one-time spokesperson for the President of Argentina. She has two children one daughter, called Camila Morrone and a son named Maximo Morrone, both are from a previous marriage. Lucila is currently dating Al Pacino. At age 74, that makes Al a whopping 39 years older than Lucila.

Lucila Sola is 1.74 metres tall - that's 5 ft 8 1/2 in - a full two inches taller than Al Pacino, who is 1.7 metres.

As well as modelling for the Solo Ivanka fashion house, Lucila is also an actress, and has starred in several Spanish language movies. In fact rumours are that she met Al when he directed her in his forthcoming movie, Wilde Salome. The two have been dating for over four years now.

She's starred in Pride and Prejudice, Bones (the TV show) and something called 10 Rules Of Sleeping Around.

There's been plenty of pictures on the internet of Lucila looking very hot in a bikini, so we can see why Al Pacino took a shine to the beautiful young lady.