Star Facts

  • She is half Guyanese

  • She has said if she wasn’t a singer she would be a psychologist

  • Rihanna has 13 tattoos, including ‘Shh’ on her finger

  • Rihanna loves the film Borat!

  • Cheryl Cole has said Rihanna is her girl crush


Since landing on the music scene in 2005, Rihanna has achieved a flawless reputation as one of the world’s finest and favorite pop stars.

Before she was HRH Rihanna, she was plain old Robyn Fenty from Barbados. Robyn started singing when she was at school, forming a girl band with a couple of her classmates. The band scored an audition with a top record producer, Evan Rogers who helped shape the career of Christina Aguilera. "The minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn't exist," he admitted. So that was that – the other two got the boot and the newly named Rihanna was jetted off to the US to launch her career into pop superstardom.

In 2005, after her demo reached the chaps at Def Jam records, she was quickly signed to the label. She particularly impressed the president of Def Jam, a certain Mr Jay Z. Eight months later she released her first album Music of the Sun. Next came her Girl Like Me album, which featured the hits S.O.S and Unfaithful. Since then Rihanna has released a constant stream of amazing pop songs, including collaborations with Eminem and Kanye West and two more albums, Rated R and Loud.

It was in 2007 that Rihanna released the Grammy award winning Umbrella, which was number 1 throughout, incidentally, one of the UK’s wettest summers. The same year RiRi underwent the transformation into the sex kitten she is today. With the release of her Good Girl Gone Bad album, came a new image. However, while Rihanna’s daring style earned her a credible reputation with the fash pack, Rihanna has been criticised in the past for her ahem ‘risqué’ look. Her appearance on the X Factor sparked over 3,000 complaints and her video for S&M was banned by MTV due to its saucy content.

Famously, while in a relationship with singer Chris Brown, Rihanna was victim to domestic violence and pictures of the assault surfaced on the internet. Rihanna said at the time: "It can happen to anyone". Needless to say, the couple split up and Rihanna is currently single, despite being linked to basketball player Matt Kemp.