Rosie Fortescue

Star Facts

  • Rosie has a twin sister, Lily

  • Her favourite clothes shop is Austique in Chelsea where her twin Lily works

  • Rosie loves wearing high street brands

  • She went to the same school as our future queen, Kate Middleton

Rosie's frocky fashion hits. Right here...

Made in Chelsea star Rosie, of the intense stare, attended the private all-girls Downe House Boarding School. Former pupils of Downe House include supermodel Sophie Dahl, funnylady Miranda Hart, and our queen-to-be Kate Middleton, no less!

She studied at Goldsmiths in London alongside Princess Beatrice and gained a degree in History of Art degree (no posh girl worth her salt would study anything else). Currently interning at Issa and working in a cupcake shop, she’s trying to decide whether she wants a career in fashion or jewellery.

One of the MIC fashion pack that hangs with Amber, Rosie has her own fashion blog At Fashion Forte, and reportedly has a bit of a fling with Desperate Housewives hunk Jesse Metcalfe when he was visiting London in 2011.

She recently kicked Jules Hamilton to the curb in Made In Chelsea NYC because he admitted he had THREE other girlfriends! Rosie was not a happy bunny.