Rough Copy

Rough Copy

Star Facts

  • Band members - Sterling Ramsey 28, Kaz Ajobe 24, Joey Thomas 27

  • Mentor: Gary Barlow Auditioned as a pair for Gary Barlow's in New Yor, as Kaz had Visa issues, but thanks to Gary, he’s back in the band for the live shows

  • They also auditioned in 2012, but had to pull out due to the same Visa problems

  • Kaz was the creator of Rough Copy

These three boys have had an eventful X Factor journey so far. Initially performing as a trio in the early auditions, Rough Copy had to leave creator of the group Kaz behind as they headed to Gary’s judges houses in New York. The boys even had the same Visa problems when they auditioned in 2012 having to pull out of the competition! Well boys, let’s hope all this drama was worth it and you go far in the competition.