Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey

Star Facts

  • Sam used to work in a prison

  • Her new nickname is Screwbo!

  • She gave birth to a baby girl in 2014

  • Her favourite flavour of crisps is BEEF

Sam Bailey is a mother of two and lives in Leicester. It is definitely fair to say Sam is the one that shocked us all the most after her first audition and has continued to wow throughout the competition. Leaving her day job behind as a prison officer Sam admits she just can’t believe the change in her life and what has happened to her over the last few months. She's one of the favourites to win, and Sharon is NOT going to let her go without a fight saying to Sam she would "kick her a**e" if she did not win! Blimey.

Well, as we all know, Sam Bailey did go on to win The X Factor in 2013. She quit her job as a prison officer and released her debut single Skyscraper, which went straight to number one. In an interview with heat in 2013, Sam Bailey exclusively revealed that her favourite flavour of crisps is beef. She also released her debut album, named The Power Of Love.

In September 2014, Sam Bailey gave birth to a baby girl. It's her third child and her second little girl.