This is what Spencer Matthews looks like

Spencer Matthews

Star facts

  • Spencer's favourite London hangouts include The Box, Soho House and the super-exclusive Boujis

  • He survived crashing a £200,000 Lamborghini while taking part in the Gumball Rally in june 2011

  • He ran his third marathon in New York in 2011, and there was one series of Made in Chelsea when he was super into fitness. Series 4, pretty sure.

  • He was educated at Eton


The hottest guy in Made in Chelsea by a mile, Spencer Matthews certainly knows how to charm the ladies. Educated at Eton, Spencer went on to become a PR manager for a select group of London nightclubs, including Amika, Movida, and Prince Harry’s favourite drinking den, Boujis.

Bored with the 24-hour party lifestyle (for a while, anyway) Spencer then moved into the world of stocks and shares and works as a broker earning megabucks. Not that he needs it – his parents own the exclusive Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barths, where Spence partied with his gang of super rich young things for his 21st birthday.

Anyway, let's talk about his lovelife: after dating his deliciously hot girlfriend Funda for over a year, the couple split after his roving eye (and, uh, preoccupation with co-star Caggie Dunlop) caused some serious friction. He then moved on to Topshop owner Philip Green’s daughter and heir to his megafortune Chloe Green, but she ditched him for another MIC star, Ollie Locke.

In his autobiography, Spencer recounts the time that — during a threesome — his best mate accidentally, uh, 'gave him a hand'

Since then, he's dated Louise Thompson (ended in tears), Lucy Watson (ended in a massive eyeroll), and has been seeing model and blogger Emma Miller on and off throughout 2014.