Stephanie Pratt

Star Facts

  • Stephanie worked as a production assistant on hit series LOST in 2006

  • In 2006, she was arrested for shoplifting $1,300 worth of merchandise from a Neiman Marcus store

  • Stephanie posed nude for PETA’s Be Nice To Bunnies charity campaign in 2010

  • In 2009, she was arrested for drink driving in Hollywood

Steph's changing face...

Born in sunny California, wild child Stephanie first came to our attention when she appeared as Spencer’s angry little sister in the third season of The Hills in 2007. After studying English, French and Art in Paris for a year, she ended up at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA alongside Lauren Conrad.

Following their superb catfight in season three, Lauren and Stephanie became friends, with Stephanie becoming a major character by season four. A troubled little lady, she was fired from her job alongside Lauren at People’s Revolution PR and talked about her struggles with drug use, alcohol abuse, bulimia and shoplifting.

Falling out with her douchebag brother Spencer and sister-in-law Heidi, she became best pals with Lauren’s replacement Kristin Cavallari, taking a leading role in the show’s sixth and final season in 2010.

Stephanie has since appeared in Made In Chelsea, hooking up with Stevie Martin, before heading into the Celebrity Big Brother House where she hooked up with George Gilbey off 'a Gogglebox.