Amy Childs has revealed the gender of her baby!

Former TOWIE star Amy Childs has revealed whether she's expecting a little boy or girl

Amy Childs surprised everyone last year when revealed she's expecting her first child with her boyfriend Bradley Wright. Announcing the incredible news, the reality star admitted: "I feel so overwhelmed and I keep waking up smiling.

"We’ve wanted a baby for so long, so we’re happier than we’ve ever been.

"We wanted one before Bradley went to prison but it didn’t happen," she told OK! magazine.

Amy is 33 weeks pregnant (Credit: Instagram / amychilds)

It was only a few months before the wonderful announcement that the former TOWIE star revealed she would consider freezing her eggs in the future. At the time she said: "I think 30 for me, that’s when I would definitely go ahead with it because I’ve not met anyone now, I might not meet someone for another couple of years so I definitely would do it," she told the Loose Women panellist.

The yummy mummy who is now 33 weeks has revealed that she's expecting a baby girl! The reality star confirmed the exciting news and admitted that although she's was shocked after finding out she's having a little girl she can't wait for her 'mini me'.

Amy revealed: “I think I’m still in shock. Instinct told me it was going to be a boy. A psychic told me it was going to be a boy.

"I even ordered a boy Moncler baby bag because I was so convinced, but it's a girl," she told OK! magazine.

The TOWIE star is expecting a baby girl! (Credit: Getty Images)

How sweet!

Amy and Bradley have had a rocky over the years. He was caught sending inappropriate messages to another woman and was later sent to prison for handling stolen goods. Although the pair briefly split they have since reunited and are due to welcome their baby girl on May 2.

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