Anna Friel reveals her 'Master Cleanse' anti-ageing detox regime

Actress Anna Friel has revealed that she drinks a cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice concoction up to 12 times a day to keep her skin looking youthful.

‘I’ve been drinking it for two months and I feel so much better and my skin has really benefited’

“It’s amazing,” she told a UK magazine about the ‘Master Cleanse’ – which also counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce among it’s celebrity fans.

Anna is reportedly using the regime, which involves replacing solid food on and off with the drinks, as a detox and anti-ageing treatment - and not to lose weight.

‘I’ve been drinking it for two months and I feel so much better and my skin has really benefited,’ Anna said.

The 36 year-old admitted that she has ‘tried everything’ in order to stay looking youthful.

She added: ‘If you’re vain, as you get older you start thinking, “I’ve got to do everything I can to save my skin.’

The actress, who is also brand ambassador for a natural skincare range, revealed that she is a fan of the extreme ‘vampire facial’ which involves taking two vials of blood from your arm, and reinjecting it into your skin.

The Cryoderm treatment, which is reportedly also used by actress Demi Moore, is supposed to help skin heal itself and boost collagen.

‘I always have a Cryoderm treatment before a red carpet,’ said Anna.

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The Rochdale-born actress, who shot to fame in the 1990s on British soap Brookside, has had to put her obsession with looking young aside for her latest role in Michael Winterbottom’s The Look of Love – where she had to age 36 years in later scenes.

Anna has been dating fellow actor Rhys Ifans for two years, and has a 7 year-old daughter, Gracie, from her previous relationship with actor David Thewlis.

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