Here's everything you need to know about Beyonce's twins...

Beyonce and Jay Z have welcomed their twins into the world so here's everything you need to know, from genders to their names we've got ALL the answers

We're not going to lie Beyonce Knowles-Carter's pregnancy announcement was one of the greatest things that have happened this year. She literally surprised everyone in February when she posted an amazing baby bump pregnancy photo shoot.

The gorgeous American singer has remained fairly private throughout her career but since she revealed to the world she's pregnant she has shared a lot of adorable family photos that make us all green with envy.

She may separate her career life and private life but we've managed to gather together everything you need to know about the Queen Bey's pregnancy.

Is Beyonce pregnant with twins?

Beyonce's pregnancy announcement is the most liked photo on Instagram (Credit: beyonce)

Why, of course! The Queen Bey announced she was pregnant with twins on Instagram. Yes, on social media in an extravagant photoshoot. Welcome to the 21st century everyone.

The yummy mummy announced the incredible news on Instagram in a stunning photo shoot. She wrote: "We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - The Carters"

The picture has been liked over 11 million times making it the most liked photo on Instagram.

Go Beyonce, breaking records!

She may have million of fans across the globe and be one of the biggest superstars in the world but the Single Ladies singer has hinted that she's feeling nervous about her new arrival.

Phew. It's a relief to know that she's still human.

Who is the father of Beyonce's baby?

Beyonce and Jay Z will welcome twins this summer (Credit:Getty Images)

We're pretty sure everyone who doesn't live under a rock knows and is aware that the father of Beyonce's twins is Jay Z (whose real name is Shawn Carter). Rumours that the pair were dating began back in the early noughties but the pair have managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

The happy couple have been married since April 4 2008 and although cheating rumours have circulated the couple for a few years - Beyonce even sent the rumour mill into a frenzy after she released her album Lemonade - the happy couple have brushed off all the publicity surrounding the album, and they're now expanding their family.

Although the happy couple are MEGA secretive about their private life, Jay-Z did go into details about EXACTLY how he and Beyonce conceived their twins...

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When is Beyonce's due date?

Beyonce has remained silent on a lot of her pregnancy details (Credit: Instagram / beyonce)

That's a very good question but unfortunately Beyonce and Jay Z aren't known as a private power couple for nothing - they didn't tell anyone their twins due date until after she had given birth! Don't worry though, before we found out their birthday we did some math and this is what we've discovered...

We know that Beyonce announced she was pregnant back in February and let's say she was at three months pregnant at that point, her due date would be in August.

Although, Radar Online reported that Beyonce was 14 weeks pregnant when she made her announcement.

However it was also reported that the Crazy in Love singer would give birth in July.

Either way, as she's expecting twins she's likely to give birth a little earlier than the full 40 weeks and as we all know, Bey and Jay are private so their due date was as good as anyone's guess.

We might not have known the due date but apparently Blue Ivy will be allowed in the delivery room when her siblings are born so she doesn't feel left out. The A-list couples birthing plan reportedly costs a whopping £1million.

Yup, you read that right, £1million.

Bey and Jay have kept their private life out of the spotlight but the mum-of-three did treat her fans to a cute pictures of her MASSIVE baby bump at her baby shower.

Has Beyonce given birth to her twins?

Beyonce reportedly gave birth in June (Credit:

Yes. She. Has.

The Queen Bey has officially given birth - in total Beyonce and Jay Z style - in secret. The happy couple didn't release a statement until a month after welcoming their twins, BUT a source told People magazine: "Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends."

Beyonce's dad also confirmed the news by sharing a photo on Twitter, which read: "Happy Birthday to the twins. Love Grandad." He wrote alongside the quote: "They're here!

#Beyonce #Twins #JayZ #HappyBirthday"

Sources close to the family have told TMZ that the babies were born "prematurely" and were being "treated for jaundice", which is why Bey and Jay may have kept so quiet after welcoming their twins.

A month after giving birth, Beyonce FINALLY broke her social media silence and posted an adorable photo of her little ones and the Queen Bey also revealed her twins birthday - June 13.

What's the gender of Beyonce's twins?

Fans noticed Beyonce is wearing the exact same earrings she wore in her If I Were a Boy music video (Credit: Instagram / beyonce)

Ever since Beyonce surprised the whole world and announced she's pregnant with twins everyone has been wondering whether she's expecting boys, girls or both genders.

But after sharing the first photo of her twins, Beyonce confirmed she has a little girl and a little boy when she announced their names. However, waaaaaay before Beyonce broke her social media silence there were plenty of rumours about her twins genders.

According to US Weekly and Media Take Out, the Carter's welcomed a girl and a boy into the world. However, some fans believe that Beyonce has given birth to girls, especially after the former President of the United States Barack Obama said: "Jay Z and I are also fools to our daughters. Although he’s he’s going to have me beat when those twins show up."

In order for Jay Z to "beat" Obama he would have to have three girls - because Obama has two daughters and Jay-Z is already dad to Blue Ivy. Hmm. Did the former president accidentally let slip the gender of Beyonce's twins? Does this mean Bey and Jay are having girls?! SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Before the 35-year-old announced the sex of her twins, fans guessed their gender and some people thought Beyonce herself secretly revealed the exciting news.

The yummy mummy posted a photo of herself showing off her bump in a little black dress however plenty of fans were actually focusing on the earrings she was wearing.

If you look closely she's wearing the exact same earrings she wore in her If I Were a Boy music video and alas everything thinks she's expecting twin boys.

Although, not everyone was on board with the "earrings hint" and some people thought it was a little bizarre.

You can watch Beyonce's If I Were a Boy video below.

What's the name of Beyonce's twins?

The names of Beyonce's twins is one of the biggest questions we've all asked. Although Bey kept VERY quiet for weeks after having her twins (however she did break her silence at the BET awards), she finally confirmed her twins names - Rumi and Sir Carter.

Talk about a celeb-unique-unusual baby name, right?

Before it was reported that the power couple named their twins Rumi and Sir, everyone thought they'd given their twins these boring names... and they were definitely not what we were expecting...

Then again, as with everything else about Beyonce's pregnancy they kept hush hush about the twins names BUT during her pregnancy the American singer did make one public appearance that caught a lot of people's attention. Beyonce stepped out with her hubby Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy while attending the NBA Playoffs and we were left wondering whether she secretly revealed her babies names…

After announcing she's expecting twins Beyonce alongside her daughter Blue Ivy posed in an incredible photoshoot (Credit: Beyonce)

During their public appearance, the family dressed down but Bey had a huge handbag which read Modern Future on the front - everyone was left wondering whether they were the names of her little one's.

Call us crazy but it wouldn't be the strangest celebrity baby name; we've had Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter), North (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter) and this year Liam Payne and Cheryl announced their son is called Bear.

We've heard from a few celebrities to see what they think the power couple will call their children and from Destiny and Child to Sarah and Claire, this is what they said...

Which twin was born first?

Over a month after giving birth to Rumi and Sir, all the details about their birth came to light - including their middles names and which twin was born first. It was also revealed that Dr. Paul Crane who delivered Kim, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian's children also delivered Beyonce's twins.

Oh showbiz.

Who are Beyonce's children?

The power couple are already parents to five-year-old Blue Ivy and have now welcomed two bundles of joy into the world - Rumi and Sir Carter.

Are you excited about Beyonce expecting twins? What do you think she'll call them? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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