Billi Mucklow’s EXCLUSIVE baby blog: 'My best friend Cara Kilbey has been so supportive'

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Billi Mucklow and her footballer fiancé Andy Carroll welcomed their first child together in June. In her exclusive blog for Closer Online, Billi, 27, invites you to share first time motherhood with her – the ups and downs, the highs and the lows and, most importantly, getting to know her little boy

My Bed Bath Bottle routine has been working really well, Arlo slept through 11pm-6am so he's doing great!

As he was such a natural at the yoga I'm planning on taking him swimming for the first time next week. I took Arlo to another West Ham game with my nephew Ronnie and the family, he's becoming a regular down at Upton Park he loves the atmosphere and he always gets a great reception down there just like his daddy.

As I still have a stone of baby weight to lose I've been training at my gym and not missing any bikram sessions. Alongside the working out I started a serious calorie controlled diet which involves me having to weigh all of my food. Thankfully Andy is a great cook and keeps a healthy athletes diet so it makes it easier for me to cook and eat healthy.

Mums ask me how I manage to keep so busy since having had Arlo and how I manage on a daily basis to take Arlo with me to the footy, my work, shopping etc. I have to say that I am helped by The Doona which is seriously impressive as it's so multifunctional. The Doona is a car seat with integrated wheels, so it can easily flip from being a car seat, or even an on the ground rocker, into a buggy.

My beautiful best-friend Cara is a regular round at our house and this week she spent another day with Arlo; she always brings him exquisite Spanish baby clothing and says she thinks Arlo is my double. I know Arlo feels comfortable around Cara as he always falls fast asleep in her arms.

Someone else who loves Arlo are our two dogs Maggie and Nelson. It was national dog day this week so we got the dogs some special treats. Arlo loves cuddling the doggies and vice versa I think it's so important to make sure children are comfortable around animals from an early age and it's safe to say Arlo definitely is - since birth!

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