Binky reveals her pregnancy in new Made In Chelsea advert and their reactions are priceless

The Made In Chelsea cast were NOT expecting Binky's pregnancy bombshell...

We are yet to get our heads round the news that Binky Felstead from Made In Chelsea is actually pregnant.

Never mind the fact that it's with her on-off boyfriend Josh "JP" Patterson.

And if, like us, you've been following her pregnancy so far, you'll be DELIGHTED to hear that we have a video of the moment their friends find out from the new MIC season advert.

Binky tells her friends that she's pregnant (Credit: E4)

That's right - Binky breaks the news to her pals Stephanie Pratt, Rosie Fortescue and Louise Thompson, whilst JP reveals all to Jamie Laing, Proudlock and Akin Solanke-Caulker.

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Stephanie looks shocked (Credit: E4)

Stephanie and Louise look totally shocked, but Rosie's thunderous "WHAT" is a little bit more concerning...

Rosie looks really quite angry (Credit: E4)

And Jamie just puts his head in his hands because he clearly can't think of anything worse.

Jamie can't believe it either (Credit: E4)

Watch the clip below.

There's also a clip of Binky and JP having a heated heart-to-heart about how they need to put the baby first.

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After Binky, who is expecting a little girl, revealed her pregnancy on the cover of Hello! magazine, she then spoke to our pals at heat and said that her and JP would "never get back together just because there's a baby involved - that would be quite wrong."

Binky and JP have a heart-to-heart about the baby (Credit: E4)

But she then went on to say: "But I will say: where we are now is the happiest we've been in a very long time. I feel like things are going in the right direction, which is really exciting."

However, she then posted a super steamy pic of her and JP on Valentine's Day in bed together.

WOW Binky... (Credit: Instagram/ Binky Felstead)

So what does this mean, Binky?!

Do you think JP and Binky will get back together? Do you think JP and Binky SHOULD get back together? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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