JP opens up about the moment he found out Binky was pregnant

Made In Chelsea's Josh "JP" Patterson has revealed how he felt when he found out Binky was pregnant

Now, we've all gotten over the shock that Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead is actually pregnant with on-off boyfriend JP's baby.

But we've been dying to hear more about the moment he found out.

As we all know, Binky actually got her mum Jane to tell JP that she had done a pregnancy test – which had turned out to be positive.

But what did he think?!

Well, thanks to This Morning, we now know...

JP and Binky appeared on This Morning together earlier today (Credit: Twitter/ This Morning)

Binky set the scene: "There's no secret we've had our ups and downs... We just happen to live ours out on camera. It can be quite difficult. I found out I was pregnant and we weren't actually together at the time.

"My mum was there when I found out, and she messaged Josh because I was pretty shaken up and Josh came round immediately. She said 'Binky's just taken a pregnancy test, I think you should come over...'"

Binky chatted to Phil and Hol on the This Morning sofa with JP (Credit: ITV)

JP then gave his side of the story, saying: "I can't describe the feeling... It's something I've never felt before or can describe.

"The main thing that came into my mind was to make sure Binky was OK, so it was irrelevant how I was. It was more get round there. There were no cameras, this was very private and personal."


The couple, who are now OFFICIALLY back together after MONTHS of speculation (wahoo!), went on to say that they were rock solid.

JP said: "It has taken a while. We discussed things and the most important thing was that we didn't get back together for the child, that's the worse possible thing you could do...

"You get back together because the love is there and the relationship is right. So it was a case of taking things slow."

JP said he just wanted to make sure Binky was ok... N'aww! (Credit: ITV)

He added: "I think when a baby comes into the picture you both grow up and you change together. And the changes in myself and Binks since finding out this news is what makes it so special."

The couple, who are expecting a little girl, then revealed their unease at the thought of their relationship being online - forever. Binky said: "It's quite scary. Everyone has an opinion and that's what we signed up for. We just have to stick to a united front and do the best we can. We want this child to have the best life possible."

JP chimed in: "Binks and I are very blessed with the support that we have from fans. 90% of media attention we get is utter nonsense, which is a shame, and today - talking on this show - to give people who may watch the show an insight into the reality of our relationship. We are just very normal people. We are very private, we go to the country - we are not really ones for the spotlight."

Binky has kept her social media followers up to date on Instagram (Credit: Instagram/ Binky Felstead)

Now, if we're honest with ourselves, we don't 100% believe every single tiny thing on [Made In Chelsea] is STRICTLY true or... well, genuine.

So when we saw the video advert of the moment the cast are told about Binky's pregnancy, it was only natural that we would assume she'd actually told them beforehand.

But Binky actually confirmed to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that the moment we see in the advert was in fact her telling her gal pals the wonderful news for the very FIRST time.

Yep. Really.

Louise and Rosie react to Binky's baby news (Credit: E4)

26-year-old Binky said: "I tell all the girls, for real, on camera - I promise - I had to keep it a secret for a long time! There are typical boy reactions and typical girls' reactions."

We literally cannot WAIT to watch this tonight!

Binky also added: "I'm not nervous. I feel like we've been given a real gift and I'm just really excited to become a little family."

Oh, you cuties!

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JP and Ollie fell out on Made In Chelsea (Credit: E4)

Holly and Phil then brought up the notorious feud between JP and Binky's best friend, Ollie Locke. JP said: "When you have a baby in the picture it puts things into perspective. Ollie is such a big part of Binky's life and will be a big part of our child's life, so any kind of disagreements - you'll see tonight - have gone out the way," referring to the show returning this evening on E4.

Binky added: "Ollie burst into tears, happy tears when he found out about the baby, he was really excited."

She also revealed she was "nesting" - where expectant mothers start to prepare their homes for the new arrival. She said: "I do feel ready. The house has been renovated, the nursery is being planned and everything has been bought and it's really exciting!"

This comes after Binky teased us all on Twitter last week with a cryptic tweet which read: "Just had some incredible news I know you're going to love!!! So grateful and happy... Cannot wait to tell you!"

You can't DO that, Binky!

Fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that Binky is actually expecting TWINS. But we think she may have revealed that in the first announcement...

What do you think Binky's news could be? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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