Ouch! Bobby Norris accuses bestie Gemma Collins of having a ‘mid-life crisis’

We thought they were BFFs?

They’ve been the best of friends for years, but it looks like Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris aren’t on the best of terms following a vicious row in the The Only Way Is Essexmas, which airs on Sunday December 18.

Things get seriously catty between the pair when they sit down for a nut roast with co-stars Lauren Goodger, 30, and Lydia Bright, 26, after Bobby suggests Gemma’s crush on Jon Clark, 26, could be the result of a “mid-life crisis”.

Gemma, 35, fails to see the funny side of her pal’s remark, and things quickly go from bad to worse when Bobby, 30, says he’s keen to have a child, but rejects GC’s offer to use her eggs.

Adding insult to injury, Bobby tells Lydia he’d rather use her healthy eggs over Gemma’s offerings. Ouch!

It’s no secret that Gem has a big crush on former Love Island star Jon, and has been attempting to use her charms to seduce him.

And it looks like she could be closer than ever to landing her man, after he said he was in need of “some GC lovin’” following a painful ice skating accident while filming the ITVBe show’s Christmas special.

Meanwhile, Danielle Armstrong, 28, and James Lock, 27, appear to be growing even further apart since their split, despite the boutique owner travelling to Liverpool to celebrate his birthday.

Things take an emotional turn between the pair when Lockie talks candidly about his new girlfriend, seemingly putting the final nail in the coffin of his relationship with Danni.

Though things between Megan McKenna, 24, and Pete Wicks, 28, appear to be back on track, she’s left feeling insecure after he chooses to head to Liverpool to get involved with Lockie’s birthday celebrations.

Kate Wright, 25, moves into her own pad, but ex Dan Edgar, 26, tells Megan and Chloe Sims, 34, that he’s not sure he’s over her. Could a reconciliation finally be on the cards?

And with the one-year anniversary of Nanny Pat’s death looming, an emotional Carol Wright, 56, and pal Debbie Douglas, 53, get together for a toast.

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Catch The Only Way Is Essexmas on Sunday 18 December at 10pm on ITVBe

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