Chanelle Hayes shares cute scan photo with her baby giving the 'thumbs up'

Chanelle Hayes is currently expecting her second child with her boyfriend Ryan Oates

It was only recent that Chanelle Hayes opened up to Closer magazine about her shock pregnancy and now she's shared an adorable photo of her baby scan.

Earlier this month it was confirmed that Chanelle Hayes is expecting her second child. A spokesperson for the star said: "I'm delighted to confirm that Chanelle Hayes is pregnant with her second child.

"Although the news came as some surprise, Chanelle, her partner Ryan and son Blakely are incredibly excited to welcome the new arrival later this year," they told The Sun.

Chanelle is already mum to six-year-old Blakely who she had with ex-boyfriend Matthew Bates (Credit: Instagram / chanellehayes)

The Celebrity Big Brother star opened up to Closer and admitted her second pregnancy has been tough this time round. Although she described the incredible experience as "unbelievable" and revealed why: "I haven't had a period since last May and was told I wouldn't be able to get pregnant until I’d lost weight, so Ryan and I weren't taking precautions.

"Then at the beginning of this year, I went out for a meal celebrating my dad's birthday but I started to feel really sick."

Thinking she had a tummy bug she sure was surprised when she discovered she was pregnant: "My doctor took a blood test and a couple of days later when I went he told me I was pregnant, I thought he was joking.

Chanelle opened up to Closer magazine about her "miracle" baby (Credit: Closer)

"I was on my own at the surgery and couldn't take it in, it was such a huge shock!"

And now the yummy mummy has shared a photo of her second child to her 65k Instagram followers. Posting the cute photo, she wrote: "You can't properly tell here but bump is giving us a thumbs up."

Chanelle is due to welcome her second child in September (Credit: Instagram / chanellehayes)

How sweet!

Fans flooded her comment section congratulating the star on the amazing news. One person wrote: "Aw brilliant news love, I am so happy. A new bundle of joy is on its way to you all. You're a lovely celebrity and I hope all well with u all"

Another person said: " Congratulations to you all xxx"

Someone else commented: "Ahh that's lovely news hun, glad baby is doing well. Bit early to tell but I reckon a little girl"

Former TOWIE star Maria Fowler also guessed the baby's gender, she wrote: "Nub looks girly"

Maria Fowler thinks Chanelle is having a little girl (Credit: Instagram / chanellehayes)

After one of her followers questioned how she was feeling she replied: "like living [poo emoji] haha"

Aww we hope you feel better soon.

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