Charlize Theron a mum for second time after ‘adopting baby girl’

Hollywood star Charlize Theron has adopted a second baby

She may have only recently split from actor boyfriend Sean Penn, but Charlize Theron has proved that she’s now focusing on family after adopting a second child.

TMZ reports that the South African actress has reportedly become guardian to a little girl named August who is ‘African-American’ and ‘born in the United States’.

Charlize reportedly began the adoption process 6 months ago.

The Oscar winner- who is currently located in LA- is also mum to adopted son Jackson.

The 39-year-old adopted Jackson from South Africa in 2012.

Though the devoted mum was delighted to become a parent to 3-year-old Jackson, she gave no clues in interviews that she was planning on expanding her brood.

Charlize split from Sean last month
She said in May: "I'm so open to anything in my life. I was never like, 'Oh god no just one.' I was always kind of open to whatever kind of happens."

Charlize’s happy adoption news comes just weeks after her split from actor Sean Penn.

According to reports, the pair’s relationship ended very suddenly.

A source told The Mirror: "As far as I know, Charlize won't talk to him. She just cut if off. They're absolutely done.

"It was very volatile. They both have intense personalities and are control freaks. He's a tough person, and she's no picnic either."

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