Chloe Sims warns Lauren Goodger to be careful after she's pictured leaving a club holding another man's hand

Will Lauren Goodger listen to Chloe Sims' warning about her relationship with Joey Morrison?

TOWIE's Chloe Sims has warned her co-star Lauren Goodger about her recent partying while her boyfriend is still in prison.

There were rumours that Lauren and Joey split however the 30-year-old reality star denied the claims before admitting that having a relationship while her partner is in jail is "not easy".

A representative for the Essex star told the MailOnline: "Lauren and Joey haven’t officially broken up, but Lauren is questioning her relationship and having doubts."

Lauren was recently spotted holding footballers Hayes Thomas' hand after leaving a club (Vantage News)

They continued: "It’s not easy being with someone who is in prison especially with all the scrutiny and speculation.

"She loves Joey deeply but she needs time to work out if this relationship has legs and whether it will be worth it in the end."

Lauren and Joey have been in a relationship for over a year (Credit: Instagram / laurenrosegoodger)

Lauren was recently pictured holding footballer Hayes Thomas' hand while leaving a club in London at around 5am, while she was reportedly partying with the sports player and friends. However, her co-star Chloe has hinted that it won't do her relationship any good with Joey.

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Opening up in Star magazine, she said: "I saw pictures of Lauren Goodger coming out of a club with a guy and thought, 'What's going on there?'

"I don't know what happened, or whether she's still with Joey, but I doubt he'll be happy about it."

The 34-year-old TOWIE star added: "The last thing you want to see is your girlfriend hanging out with footballers."

Despite reports Lauren is still dating Joey (Credit: Instagram / Lauren Goodger)


Lauren's relationship with Joey recently came under fire after the TOWIE stars friend spoke out about their relationship and said it's like a "prison sentence".

Her pal Lauryn (yup, they have the same name it's just spelt differently) spoke to New! and admitted her friend hasn't been going out as much since getting in a relationship. She told the magazine: "Obviously, she wanted to stay in, be, like, what he wanted. She was trying to be good but to me that’s not being good.

"That drives me insane. It’s like a prison sentence in itself."


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