85 year-old Chuckle Brothers star married a 26-year-old fan he met on Facebook

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you’ll be familiar with the Chuckle Brothers. Barry and Paul were the staple of childrens TV, featuring in slapstick comedy shows like Chucklevision.

And who can forget the utterly brilliant game show To Me To You? Yes, it was a pretty bizarre set up but as kids everyone wanted their shot at winning those shopping trolley prizes.

More recently, they released music with none other than Tinchy Stryder.

But now it has come to light that one of the Chuckle Brothers recently married at the ripe age of 85 years old.

Jimmy Patton, who played Paul and Barry’s older brother in Chucklevision, wed Amy Phillips – a 26-year-old fan who he met on Facebook.

The couple got engaged in 2015 but decided to marry earlier this week at the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre.

They met over the social media site, and just eighteen months later Jimmy asked Amy to be his wife.

Amy’s mum Mary, 65, spoke to The Sun about how she felt about the 60 year age gap between her daughter and her husband.

Jimmy and Amy tied the knot this month (Credit: Facebook)

“The age gap doesn’t bother them or us at all. It’s love so it doesn’t matter,” she admitted.

“Amy is happy and so are we. We are delighted and very proud.” She went on to say: “Bobby Dennis the comedian came and so did Bernie Clifton. They are Jimmy’s mates and they both did speeches – they had everyone in fits of laughter.”

Amy and Jimmy plan to celebrate their marriage with a honeymoon to Gran Canaria next week.

Her father John, 70, said: “It was a local wedding which was nice, it was just a small gathering with family and friends.

“It was a really happy day – it was quite emotional – Amy looked beautiful. We were very proud.”

The couple got engaged two years ago (Credit: Facebook)

Jimmy lost his wife, Valerie, seven years ago, and struck up a relationship with Amy after a brief chat on Facebook.

“Amy has been a fan of Chucklevision all of her life and commented on something I posted.

“It just went from there. I never thought I would find this kind of love again.”

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