A sneak peek inside this week's Closer magazine...


A sneak peek inside this week's Closer magazine...

Take a look inside this week's Closer magazine sneak peek...

We’ve got ALL the celeb goss: As speculation grows that Cheryl has already given birth, insiders say Cheryl’s over the moon with her baby joy, saying that she’d never dreamed of being this happy…

There’s also news of Stephanie Davis’ heartbreak, after police arrested her ex Jeremy McConnell last week over an alleged assault…

Plus plenty of real life stories: Closer speaks to a mum-of-four who says she’s found love with her toyboy, who used to be a woman…

Cheryl’s baby joy: “I’ve never been this happy or in love before”

Pals say the singer has totally overhauled her lifestyle – and has gone to extreme lengths to prepare for her new family

Sources say being a mum has transformed Cheryl (Credit: Getty Images)

It's been the most anticipated celebrity birth since Prince George's arrival in 2013 - and amid fevered speculation by fans that the singer has already given birth, at the time of Closer going to press, an announcement was expected any day.

But now insiders reveal Cheryl's over the moon to be establishing the family unit she’s craved for so long.

A source says: “Cheryl is naturally very emotional at the moment – she was always crying on the X Factor and now she’s so happy she cries all the time. She’s never been this in love or this happy in life.”

As she finally confirmed her pregnancy last month with a promotional shot for L’Oreal showing off her bump, pals say she’s thrilled to finally have a new-found focus.

A source says: “This is without doubt the start of the new chapter in her life, the nightmares, heartbreaks, disappointments and failures of the past have all just dissolved into nothingness.

Read the full story in this week's Closer magazine – out today.

Steph's fresh agony over new war with Jeremy

Stephanie Davis’ promising return with ex Jeremy McConnell was shattered last week after the police arrested the Irish model over an alleged assault

Insiders say relations between Steph and Jeremy have hit an all-time low (Credit: Getty Images)

They appeared to be putting their volatile past behind them for the sake of their newborn son but last week the truce between Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell came to a shocking end.

A month after they reunited and just days after Steph stood by Jeremy's side at his father’s funeral the pair reportedly became locked in a series of 'bitter' and 'furious' rows with neighbours near Steph's Liverpool home claiming their explosive fights often spilled out onto the street.

Following reports of their arguing police released a statement revealing that Jeremy, 27, is being investigated for assault after an alleged incident at a property in Liverpool on earlier this month and later was arrested.

A source says: "Steph really thought they were getting things back on track, there was even talk of them getting back together and being a proper family for Caben - but it didn't take long for old issues to resurface.”

Get the full story in this week's Closer magazine – available now.

Lauren Goodger: “Sex with Joey is going to be amazing!“

TV star Lauren Goodger tells Closer’s Katie Banks about her chemistry with convict Joey Morrison – and how she’s preparing for motherhood

Lauren says she's met "the love of her life" (Credit: Closer Magazine)

She's had her fair share of love life drama, but after knowing Lauren Goodger since she first became famous as the face of The Only Way Is Essex seven years ago - it's abundantly clear she's never been happier.

"I've met the love of my life, I have to keep pinching myself" smiles Lauren, as she relaxes on our shoot and shows off her stone weightloss after returning from bootcamp.

And Lauren's romance with convicted criminal Joey Morrison, 31, who is serving a 16-year prison sentence for drug-related crimes, definitely isn't run of the mill - she can only see him at weekly visits to his prison, despite the fact that they speak every day on the phone for hours.

“Joey’s going to be knackered when we’re finally alone because I’ll bonk him to death,” jokes Lauren, bursting into hysterical giggles. “I’ve been properly celibate for a year but he’s worth the wait."

Find out the full story in this week's Closer magazine – out today.

Mum-of-four: “My toyboy used to be a woman – but we have great sex every night”

Vicky Honey says she’s found her soulmate would love baby No.5 with transgender Kenzie

Vicky says she's found her soulmate (Credit: Emma Jane Lee)

With his gym-honed body and chiseled good-looks, Kenzie Randall-Beale isn’t short of female attention.

But incredibly, he was born Esme and only had transgender reassignment surgery 18 months ago.

Kenzie met mum-of-four Vicky Honey, 36, last March and now they're inseparable.

Vicky, from Cornwall, says: "I fancied Kenzie straight away - and he's really handsome. I'd heard he was transgender through friends, but it didn't bother me.

"When we first had sex I was nervous, but it was amazing."

Hairdresser Kenzie, 22, adds: "Vicky is the first woman I've loved and the sex is great. I've had a penis made using skin from my arm and I inflate it with an internal pump. It's very quick and doesn't kill the mood."

Closer first spoke to Kenzie about his amazing transition in December 2015. He reveals that from the age of 10 he knew he wanted to be a boy.

Read the full story in this week's Closer magazine, available now.

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