Coleen Rooney demands Wayne takes 'sympathetic leave' from Everton to save marriage

Wayne and Coleen Rooney's relationship has always been under the spotlight but never more so than in the last week.

At the beginning of September Coleen rushed back from a trip to Mallorca when her husband was arrested for drink driving. To make matters worse he was allegedly on his way to spend the night with 29-year-old office worker Laura Simpson when he was stopped by police.

Coleen and Wayne's marriage is coming under intense pressure (CREDIT: Instagram/ColeenRooney)

It's no surprise Coleen was furious but it's been a rollercoaster of claims, counter-claims and ulimatums on both sides ever since.

Perhaps most bizarre was Wayne's alleged demand that Coleen should take fewer holidays if she wants to save their marriage. A request that apparently saw the pregnant mum of three get straight on the phone to her travel agent to book a half term vacay in Dubai.

Wayne allegedly demanded Coleen take fewer holidays (CREDIT: Flynet)

But now it seems Coleen is the one making demands.

She has apparently told Wayne he needs to ask for a period of 'sympathetic leave' from football club Everton, in order to focus on fixing their relationship.

A friend of the star spoke to The Sun and explained: “Coleen wants them to get away as a family.

Coleen wants the family to have time away together (CREDIT: Instagram/ColeenRooney)

“She has asked him to speak to his manager Ronald Koeman about having some ‘sympathetic’ leave, but she doesn’t know if he’ll get it."

It would mean Wayne missing a series of first team matches should the Everton boss approve the request but perhaps this would prove his commitment to Coleen and their children.

The source added: "If Wayne wants to save his marriage, it’s time to put the football in second place.”

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