Everyone is LIVID as Danielle Lloyd uploads controversial babygro photo

She quickly deleted it

Once telly person, Danielle Lloyd has landed herself into a bit of bother on Instagram as she uploaded a controversial snap of a babygro for her new arrival.

Danielle Lloyd, who is expecting a baby boy with boyfriend Michael O'Neill, shared with fans a 'Donald Trump jr' babygro.

Fans slammed the star for her 'outdated' views and called her 'a disgrace'.

Danielle had captioned the photo, 'Thanks to @oh_arthur for making this very cute baby grow! George is very happy as he is wanting to call the baby @realdonaldtrump.'

She has since deleted the photo.

One livid user wrote 'You are defending Trump. I think you need to dig a little deeper. Why anybody would want their child to wear a babygrow with the name of a psychopath written on the front is baffling.'

Danielle however defended herself and claimed it was not to do with politics, but that her youngest son likes the name.

She wrote, "Shame on me! It's a joke my 3 year old son likes the name trump no shame here!"

Meanwhile her mum Jackie also stood up for her daughter and commented: " 'I'm sure the @realdonaldtrump will be pleased to know he has such young followers."

(Credit: Instagram / missdlloyd)

A spokesperson for Danielle told MailOnline: "It was bought for Danielle for a laugh.Her youngest George, said that's what he wants to call the baby - which was reported in OK - so it was a private joke! No reference to actual politics."

Danielle Lloyd is due to give birth this month.

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