Is Danielle Lloyd about to give birth?

She's in her 39th week of pregnancy and Danielle Lloyd is ready to give birth. Eeek!

The model revealed that she is already 3cm dilated as she filled in fans on the latest developments in her pregnancy blog for OK!Online.

She said: "I thought he was coming last night, around 12:30am, I got all my stuff ready by the door because I started to get a few pains and my stomach was going hard - and then nothing!"

And the mum of three also divulged that she's desperate to meet her new little one saying: "I’m so fed up waiting for this child! I just feel like he’s never going to come, I was convinced he was going to come this week - but there’s still time!"

Danielle's partner Michael is taking things in his stride (CREDIT: Instagram/DanielleLloyd)

But while Danielle is feeling anxious about the birth it seems her fiancé Michael O'Neill is taking impending fatherhood in his stride.

Danielle explained: "I’ve been trying to hurry the baby up but Michael is telling me to be patient, he keeps reminding me he’ll come when he’s ready.

"I’ve been eating hot curries nearly everyday, I’ve had pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, I’ve tried everything but nothing is working!"

Danielle shared a sweet snap of her sons all ready for school this week (CREDIT: Instagram/DanielleLloyd)

It's been a big week already for Danielle with her three sons from her marriage to footballer Jamie O'Hara, all heading back to school.

She said: "It was George’s first day, it was a bit emotional because obviously he is my baby and he’s going to school."

Well maybe by next week her new baby will have arrived...

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