Danielle Lloyd had the GREATEST response after being body shamed whilst pregnant

Pregnant Danielle Lloyd has revealed she's been body shamed

Yummy mummy Danielle Lloyd has hit back at online trolls who have body shamed her while pregnant.

Yes, pregnant. What a world we live in.

Danielle, her fiancé Michael O'Neil and her three boys Archie, Harry & George are currently making everyone green with envy with their adorable holiday pictures.

The CBB star was recently spotted and pictured looking gorgeous on the beach wearing a bikini but has now hit back at people who have criticised her body.

Danielle has hit back at body shamers (Credit: Instagram / missdlloyd)

On Instagram she posted a photo of herself and her fiancé and wrote: "To all the people writing horrible comments saying I look like a washed up whale in these pictures I won't let you get me down and try and body shame a pregnant women!"

She went on to admit that she's proud of her body and the fact that she doesn't edit her photos.

"No women should be shamed for the way they look am proud of my body yes I've got fat yes I've got cellulite at least I don't air brush my pictures am real... and if u don't like it ✌"

Yes Danielle, you tell 'em.

Danielle has caused quite a reaction on social media and received over 1,000 messages which makes it her most commented photo since that controversial Beyonce's inspired pregnancy photo shoot.

Plenty of people have slammed the critics with one person commenting: "You look amazing Danielle!! Don't know how anyone could be so mean, what a woman's body goes through during pregnancy is magical and mind boggling I'm so glad you're embracing it, these people who body shame should be ashamed of themselves and need to get a better hobby."

Another wrote: "Why on earth would people be so horrible when you look amazing and this is baby no 4! Don't give them time of day."

The reality star received over 1,000 comments on her body shaming photo (Credit: Instagram / missdlloyd)

Someone else said: "You've had 3 (soon to be 4) kids and you look amazing! Never let anyone bring you down- but this is exactly why I won't wear a bikini now, having my boys has taken its toll on my body but it makes me so angry that people feel they can say anything about another person's body!! You look fantastic."

A fourth person added: "Nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman carrying her child. You look amazing!"

One more related and said: "I felt at my most beautiful during my pregnancy and miss my bump! You look amazing natural womanly beauty.... confused how anyone would call a pregnant woman anything other than that."

We agree Danielle truly looks stunning!

Have you ever been body shamed while pregnant? Or do you have funny holiday pregnancy stories? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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