Emma Willis CRIED on her birthday thanks to husband Matt

There are many reasons we might cry on our birthday and one of them would definitely be about how old we are getting... even if our Nanna still squeezes our cheeks and makes sure we eat so much food when we go to visit, that BodyCoach Joe Wicks would go into some sort of cardiogenic shock.

However, TV Presenter Emma Willis revealed in a candid Instagram post how she spent the evening before her 41st birthday in floods of tears and explained how it was all down to husband Matt Willis. Uh oh.

Is he in the doghouse? Did he forget her birthday and get his dates mixed up (like 'Enders did last night) or got Emma an orange smelling candle, when she has told him 32723 times she is allergic?

No she cried because he surprised her with a birthday meal when he should have been away making wonderful music on tour. N'awwwhhh!

He then posted his own picture where Emma looked a lot more composed then what her caption suggested, so we assume she was given a hankie by the kind waiting staff.

Aren't they a lovely couple! Happy Birthday Emma!


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