Girls reunited? Sarah Harding reaches out to Cheryl!

Their contentious relationship has been widely reported but perhaps there's hope for Sarah Harding and Cheryl.

In recent weeks Cheryl even unfollowed her former Girls Aloud bandmate on social media sparking renewed speculation about the state of their friendship.

Cheryl and Sarah allegedly don't get along (CREDIT: Getty Images)

But it looks like Sarah might be ready to bury the hatchet and make peace with the new mum as she replied to a public tweet from Cheryl this week.

The singer and L'Oreal spokesperson sent a message to fans asking which of her album tracks should have been singles and along with over two thousand other responses, Sarah also chimed in.

Cheryl and Sarah's sweet Twitter exchange (CREDIT: Twitter/Cheryl)

Cheryl initially wrote: "Yoo hoo 🙋🏻 can you tweet me the songs from my albums that you think should've been singles please 🤔"

To which Sarah replied: "Hey stranger!...U know FFTL will always be the one 👍🏼💥#TrueToTheGame"

Could this be the start of something beautiful?

Well we're pleased to report Cheryl didn't leave her old mate hanging and said: "😘💃🏻💂🏼#alwaystrue 😉

This heartwarming display comes after Sarah spoke to OK! Magazine about the rift between her and the 'Crazy Stupid Love' singer.

Could this be the start of a Girls Aloud reunion? (CREDIT: Getty Images)

She told the publication: "Why don't you ask Cheryl? I don't know. It's got nothing to do with me.

"I've got Cheryl's number – we don't have to prove we're friends online.

"For me, it's not a publicity contest. I don't follow other celebrities to try and befriend them and gain public support.

She continued: "I’m a private person and if I want to speak to any of the girls, then I'll call them."

Well, maybe Sarah's tweet was the first step. Girls Aloud reunion anyone?

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