16 of the funniest Scarlett Moffatt quotes EVER.


16 of the funniest Scarlett Moffatt quotes EVER.

We cannot get enough of TV Queen Scarlett Moffatt who is more famous for her witty one-liners than her incredible weight loss transformation and her adventures with campmate (and heart-throb) Larry Lamb.

Let's journey back and remember all her hillarious quips from Channel 4's Gogglebox where she discusses everything from Ed Balls to getting your knockers out for a spray tan.

1. Scarlett Moffatt on Martin Freeman's political video for the Labour Party ahead of the 2015 general election:

2. Scarlett on her celebrity doppelganger:

3. On Simon Cowell:

Betty: 'Why’s he wearing sunglasses indoors?'

Scarlett ‘Because he can. He’s Simon Cowell. Who’s going to go up to him and say ‘ you look like a knob’?’

4. On Bear Grylls’ The Island:

5. On London life:

6. Scarlett on The Voice:

‘It’s like a poor man’s X Factor isn’t it? I like it, but The X Factor sh*ts all over it.’

7. During a documentary called Collectaholics, about a man who collects hundreds and hundreds of teddy bears:

‘Oh he needs a f**ing friend. I’m going to befriend him honestly. I feel like ringing him up for a pint.’

8. On getting your boobs out for a spray tan:

9. On psychics:

‘She can speak to all those spirits and not one has told her that her hair looks s**t?’

10. On Gregg Wallace in Strictly Come Dancing:

11. Scarlett on life in the North:

12. On Ed Balls:

‘Ed Balls? You can’t take any f**er seriously with the last name balls.’

13. On University Challenge:

‘Reading books and s**t all the time. Where’s that gonna get them?’

14. On A Level results day:

15. Scarlett on becoming religious:

‘I think I might start going to church. As long as I’m not hungover. I can’t be in a place of God when I’m hungover can I? With vodka sweats and that.’

16. Scarlett on the WORST insult you could give someone:

Please, don't ever change!

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