Fans lose it after McBusted's Harry Judd shares ridiculously cute of baby Lola saying her first word

Does it get any cuter than this?

It’s a magical moment when a baby speaks their first word.

So we can totally understand Harry Judd’s sheer joy at hearing his baby daughter Lola say hers.

The McBusted star took to Instagram to share the precious moment with his followers and boy, did they go nuts.

After hearing boy band star Harry sing gleefully at her, cutie Lola then says ‘Peppa’ with a cheeky smile.

And with that, sheer hysteria broke loose.

“MEU DEUSJSSDKDKDKDKD,” one fan wrote. We hear ya.

Another said, “GSUANSUABSUBQIABSUAVUANAIS QUE OFINHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” while a third added (in actual English this time), “OH MY GOD” with a tonne of heart-faced emojis.

Wow, baby fever sends people crazy!

Lola celebrated her first birthday in January with Harry and her mum Izzy and we can barely believe a year has passed since she was born.

The couple struggled to get pregnant due to Izzy being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries.

After Lola’s birth, Harry said, “You feel like you are never going to be the ones who get to say, ‘We are having a baby.’ That is why we feel so blessed now.”

Izzy also echoed his sentiments, adding, 'Every baby is a miracle but we do feel so very lucky. I never wanted to stop believing that we would have a family.”

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