You won't RECOGNISE 23-year-old Holly Willoughby!

We say it more times than we tell our little ones to 'please go to bed, so mummy can have more than three hours sleep' - we love Holly Willoughby.

From providing us with daily wardrobe inspiration to being so hilarious with co-host of This Morning Phill Schofield, that we actually wee a tiny bit - we cannot get enough of the 36-year-old Brighton-born lass.

YET, when we stumbled upon this picture of when Holly was 23-years-old we barely recognised her. She looks completely different!

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You can tell this was taken in 2004, we mean, just LOOK at the baby blue eyeshadow. We wouldn't dare go clubbing without it. Or a babydoll top and a chain belt like Britney Spears. We would have copied Britney right down to the snake cascading over her shoulders if we could, but our local nightclub Fever had a strict policy against that kind of thing.

We also have a feeling that young Holly had a thing about bronzer. If she was anything like us, it was those bronzing balls that went e v e r y w h e r e and we would end up standing on one and ruining our white rug.

She wish our throwback photos looked as great as Miss Willoughby's...

Have you seen the very serious reason why she won't allow her children on social media?

Don't ever change Hollz.

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