Jamie and wife Jools


Jamie Oliver: 'I've banned my 11-year-old from Instagram'

In this week's Closer, we spoke to Jamie Oliver, who said he's banned his eldest daughters from social media, over fears that they'll be bullied.

The TV chef, who has 1.4 million Instagram followers himself, and regularly posts family updates on the site, says that Poppy, 11 and Daisy, 10 are not allowed to go on social networks because of online risks.

Jamie frequently uploads photos of his large family to Instagram
He says: 'I found out my two eldest girls had set up Instagram accounts in secret, which I wasn't happy about and soon put a stop to. Poppy's the only girl in her class still not allowed a mobile.'

Jamie also has Petal, four, and Buddy, three with his wife of 13 years Jools.

He also admitted that the girls have had a hard time in the past due to his public profile, and said he didn't want them to become victims to bullying online too.

Oliver, who is friends with the founder of Instram Kevin Systrom, has admitted he doesn't know how long he will be able to keep his kids off of social networks as they grow up, but for now he insists on them not being on it.

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