"It's no secret" - Jamie Redknapp has been telling people his marriage was over since last week

Jamie Redknapp has apparently been telling people his marriage was over since last Thursday

The shocking news broke yesterday that Louise and Jamie Redknapp's 19-year marriage was over.

Whilst many people were unsure as to whether it's true as there was no public statement from either Jamie or Louise, it has today been revealed that Jamie has been telling people his marriage was over since last week.

The 44-year-old ex-footballer was at event The House Festival in London and was "quite openly" telling people that the couple had split.

Louise and Jamie have been married since 1998 (Credit: Getty Images)

The Sun has reported that a source said: "Jamie was quite openly sharing the news. People were asking how Louise was. He told them the marriage was over.

"He even told acquaintances he wasn't particularly close to, so it didn't seem like a big secret.

"He must be devastated but was putting a brave face on it and seemed to have a good night."

Jamie and Louise, who have been married for 19 years this year, have two sons together - Charley, 12, and Beau, nine.

Louise flew the boys out to Mallorca for a holiday earlier this week, and Jamie is reportedly headed out next week to spend the next seven days with them on his own.

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A source told the publication yesterday that "Louise told one of her closest friends she and Jamie had split."

The source added: "She mentioned how much time they had spent apart and that when she and Jamie had tried to spend time together, it hadn't been good.

"It's a very difficult situation because of their two children who they are both determined to protect. That's why they're not prepared to officially end the marriage or comment publicly."

The family in happier times (Credit: Instagram/ Louise Redknapp)

Only in June did Louise laugh off rumours that things were not quite right between her and her husband, describing the moment she saw news of their split on the TV: "It was surreal. Me and Jamie had just been out for dinner at Zuma, and were in bed together when we saw on Sky that our marriage was in trouble.

"We're great - don't worry about us, everything's fine."

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