Jennifer Metcalfe


Jennifer Metcalfe 'I've put on weight to get my boobs back!'

The stunning actress talks about her famous hourglass shape, men and those shocking holiday pics

When pictures of Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe in a bikini were plastered across the newspapers six weeks ago, it was plain to see that she’d lost her curves– worryingly, her ribs and chest bones were jutting out.

Jennifer looked thin on holiday in Marbella

Even the star herself was shocked by the pictures taken on holiday in Marbella, Spain, this summer. When she jumped on the scales, she found she’d dropped nearly half a stone.

“I knew I’d lost some weight, and when I weighed myself, I’d gone from my usual 81⁄2st to about 8st,” says the 5ft 5 star. But she was angry at claims in the press that she had body issues.

“Yes, I was looking a bit skinny, but I certainly didn’t have an eating disorder,” she says. “In fact, I’m very secure about my body.

The 25 year old, who plays bitchy maneater Mercedes McQueen in the C4 soap, adds that her weight loss wasn’t the result of her split in July from Liverpool footballer Jermaine Pennant, who she’d dated on and off for the previous 10 months.

“I haven’t been on a heartbreak diet,” she explains. “Jermaine is a brilliant guy, but we just weren’t right together.

'I’m very secure about my body'

Jennifer Metcalfe

“I’ve got a big storyline at the moment, so for the last couple of months I’ve been manic, filming in the evenings and at weekends. I’ve also been having work done on my house, so it’s been chaos. I didn’t have time to eat and whenever I did, I burnt it off straightaway.”

“For lunch, I’ll have a jacket potato with beans and salad, then a stir-fry for dinner. Though I often raid the vending machine for a KitKat Chunky!”

“I love being hourglass-shaped, but it can be irritating as I have to get a lot of my clothes taken in to fit my proportions. I’m a size 8 top and size 10 bottom. Jeans are hard to find because they’re often too baggy on the waist or too tight on the bum.”

As for her diet, Jennifer eats sensibly thanks to the fitness and nutrition degree she studied before going into acting. “I learnt all about healthy eating,” she says. “So now I eat well to stay in shape, but also to stay energised through a 14-hour day on set.”

With her crazy work schedule, Jennifer often eats all her meals at work, including two breakfasts.

“I have Frosties in the canteen at 7am, then at 9.30am I’ll have toast,” she says. “For lunch, I’ll have a jacket potato with beans and salad, then a stir-fry for dinner. Though I often raid the vending machine for a KitKat Chunky!”

Although she hasn’t had time for her usual spinning and body pump classes recently, exercise plays a big part in Jennifer’s life and helps keeps her figure toned – essential when she’s playing miniskirt-wearing Mercedes.

Now single, Jennifer has been linked with BB8 star Ziggy Lichman, who she met through friends on her Marbella trip. “He’s gorgeous, but we’re just friends,” she claims, coyly replying “No comment” when asked if they’ve kissed.

For the moment, Jennifer is happy indulging in her one big love – fashion. “I love designer shops like Cricket and Flannels in Liverpool,” she says.

“But I’m saving up to buy a second property, so I’ve started buying lots from the high street. I order loads from the Littlewoods Direct website as they have all the big brands like Lipsy, Oasis and French Connection.”

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