Has Jeremy McConnell fled to Ireland after blazing row with Stephanie Davis?

It has been reported that Jeremy McConnell fled to Ireland after another fall out with Stephanie Davis

It was only recent that Stephanie Davis confirmed she's returning to Big Brother as a relationship expert but then ironically it was reported that there was trouble in paradise for Steph and Jeremy McConnell.

In an exclusive interview with Closer magazine, Jeremy's ex-girlfriend Savannah Kemplay spoke out about her views on Steph and Jez's relationship. She said: "Jeremy's trapped in a toxic relationship because of a child.

"I don't know if his feelings for Steph are genuine – or whether he's keeping her sweet so he can be in Caben's life."

Steph and Jez are parents to their adorable son Caben-Albi (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnell)

She went on to reveal that she doesn't feel sorry for Steph because she "got pregnant after knowing a guy for three months," instead Savannah feels sympathetic towards Jeremy who she described as a "lovely guy."

It was then reported, after Jeremy unfollowed the mother of his child on Twitter, that the reality star couple had a public argument. A source told The Sun: "They had a blazing row in the street and Steph was chucking all his clothes out.

"It looked pretty serious and Jeremy wasn’t handling it well."

Steph recently shared this photo of her family amid all the drama (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88)

An insider also told the publication that Jez was "back on the booze" for the past two days after Steph hit back at his ex-girlfriend on Twitter following her interview.

However, the Irish model has now slammed claims that he went to Ireland after the argument. On Twitter, he wrote: "At home to visit family and friends and I get these horrible people and press writing and selling horrible false stories, UNBELIEVABLE."

He then went on to post a photo and wrote: "Missed this guy"

But the drama hasn't stopped there, after Steph hit out at Jeremy's ex-girlfriend in now-deleted tweets which read: "Hi chick, @MissKemplay can I ask who u are? I got told u were fame hungry and would take any show as it comes, but seriously commenting on my life...

"Darling, u wanna give that big head a wobble. Please stop using my name for fame. Pity u honey. Love Steph x."

Savannah replied and wrote: " Right... am I genuinely getting the blame for ANOTHER argument between Jeremy and steph? That relationship genuinely needs to be put to bed."

AND then she retweeted the photos below...


Stephanie Davis was recently involved in more drama after she claimed that Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor copied her and Jeremy's relationship but the Geordie Shore star was quick to hit back…

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