Jordan’s quickie wedding ‘
I think I’m having twins – Kieran will be a great dad!’

After her surprise third wedding last week, Jordan tells pals she thinks she’s expecting twins, while her ex Peter Andre worries it could be a cry for help

She’s notorious for her attention-grabbing stunts but, last week, even Jordan’s close friends were stunned when she married builder and part-time stripper Kieran Hayler in a secret Bahamas wedding, after dating him for just six weeks.

The couple only started seeing each other last month – although Kieran, 25, had pursued her for a year after being introduced by her close pal, Phil Turner.

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler

And following her exotic third wedding, sources say Jordan, 34 – real name Katie Price – gushed: “I’m following my heart, but I’m not hurting anyone.”

A source tells Closer: “She’s been saying there’s ‘no Pricey rule book.’ She’s told pals: ‘If I feel something is right, I’ll do it. I’ve been swept off my feet – it’s similar to when I met [first husband] Pete.’”

“Katie told pals she thinks she’s pregnant and that it could be twins. She’s overjoyed – it’s what she’s always wanted”

But insiders say Peter Andre – who was looking after their children, Junior, seven, and Princess, five, back in the UK last week – was fuming when he saw pictures of the beachside nuptials, adding that he told pals: “It’s a classic cry for help. I thought Leo was ‘The One’ … I’ve lost track and interest. I just wish I could protect the kids from all this, and that she’d act her age, and not her boyfriend’s age.”

And now sources say there’s a further bombshell to contend with.

“Katie told pals she thinks she’s pregnant and that it could be twins. She’s overjoyed – it’s what she’s always wanted,” says the source.

“Kieran’s sister, Lyanne, has just had a baby and he’s been telling Jordan he’s ‘ready to join the club.’ She thinks he’s great with her kids and will make a natural dad. She hopes she can confirm the news soon. She can’t wait to be a mum again and sees having a family with Kieran as a fresh start.”

Kieran Hayler

During Jordan’s last engagement to Argentinian model Leandro Penna, 26, which ended in November after 20 months together, and her second marriage to cagefighter Alex Reid, 37, which lasted 11 months, she made it clear she wanted more children. She even had IVF treatment with Alex.

But now Jordan, who is also mum to 10-year-old Harvey, has told pals it’s destiny that Kieran will be her “baby daddy.”
A source adds: “Katie thinks it’s fate that she didn’t conceive with Leo or Alex – she’s convinced she was destined to meet Kieran and he’d be her next ‘baby daddy.’”

Jordan – who tied the knot at Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort And Spa in the Bahamas in front of just six people, including her mum, Amy, 59 – admitted last week she saw a psychic before dating Kieran, who had predicted she’d marry a “Kevin.”

Katie and Kieran

Referring to Kieran, the former glamour model said: “His name is close to Kevin, so it all became clear.”

Jordan even joked last week: “This is my third marriage. I did my own Pricey marriage survey and discovered I was in good company. Joan Collins has been married five times. Liz Taylor eight and Zsa Zsa Gabor nine. I get stick, but no one has picked on them for all their marriages.”

But sources say Peter – who Jordan divorced in 2009 after four years of marriage and who is dating student Emily MacDonagh, 23 – is anxious about the effect this will have on their kids.

Peter Andre

A source adds: “Pete’s worried Princess thinks getting married is an everyday thing. He’s told the kids it’s a special commitment to a person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. Deep down, Pete thinks Katie wanted to beat him down the aisle.”

Pete: “I just want a good influence around my children. That’s all I care about”

The singer, 39, has spoken out in the past about his concern.

In February 2010, he said: “I just want a good influence around my children. That’s all I care about,” adding in April 2011 that “The only woman [Junior and Princess have] seen me be intimate with to this day is their mother… When the kids go to dad’s bed he’s alone.”

A pal says: “Junior and Princess were staying with their dad when Jordan tied the knot and she spoke to them about the wedding in a roundabout way before she went, but will tell them – with presents – when she’s back.’”

And Jordan’s family and friends aren’t happy with her marriage to Kieran – who appeared in EastEnders last year as a stripper and has been labelled a “gay icon” by fans, reportedly once stripping over a webcam for a gay student, 23.

A pal says: “Amy accompanied Jordan at the wedding, but she is worried about the whole thing. She says Kieran is just a boy and that ‘he has no idea what’s to come.’”

But Jordan has hit back at her critics. A source says: “Jordan doesn’t think she’s setting a bad example to the kids and vows they’re her priority.

She wants to be a proper family unit with Kieran.

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