Josie Cunningham says SHE is saving the NHS money

Josie Cunningham appeared on This Morning to discuss her boob job and her Sugar Daddies

Viewers were outraged after controversial mum Josie Cunningham appeared on This Morning and admitted she wants ANOTHER boob job but this time for her Sugar Daddies to pay for it.

It was only recent that the mum-of-four caused a stir after she posted a topless photo on Twitter to show everyone "how well our taxes were spent". Josie who is well known for getting a free boob job on the NHS and having an abortion so she could have plastic surgery, tweeted: "If this picture gets one 100 retweets, I'll tweet a topless picture - showing you how well your taxes were spent"

After receiving over 100 retweets she not only tweeted a topless photo but she included a link for Sugar Daddies's to buy her products from her Amazon wishlist.

Josie Cunningham posted a topless photo on Twitter after receiving 100 retweets (Credit: Twitter / JosieCOnline)

Items on her wishlist include a £3,500 fridge, a £1,000 mahogany bed and £300 life size medieval knight suit. Following her tweets she received a lot of backlash. One person said: "We're all struggling with debt & #josiecunningham shows off the breasts that we all paid for & looks for a sugar daddy to buy her a fridge."

Someone else tweeted: "Go get a job and pay for things yourself instead of getting others to buy them for you. Where's your self respect!!!"

Another person argued: "If it gets 500 retweets will you put your clothes back on? You absolute dog. #Crufts #crufts2017"

Josie then appeared on This Morning to explain how she gets her Sugar Daddies to buy her lavish products. She explained: "I put a wish list up [on social media] someone will inbox me and say 'I've bought you this off your wish list' and then I'll send them a high res topless picture."

During her This Morning interview Josie explained what she does with her Sugar Daddies (Credit: ITV)

After Ruth and Eamonn pointed out how people may be angry that she's using her boob job – that she received free on the NHS - to receive materialistic things, she hit back and said: "I see it as if I can get these Sugar Daddies to buy me these things then I'm saving my own money."

Josie who admitted she feels "empowered" when she gets her boobs out currently has three Sugar Daddies, the oldest being 65 years-old, and is hoping they will pay for her next breast enlargement.

She then explained she doesn't have a sexual relationship with her Sugar Daddies instead she just spends time with them: "I just get nice gifts in exchange for company, phone call conversations. I might take the 65 year-old the odd bit of baking here and there."

Josie joked that Eamonn could call her any time (Credit: ITV)

The mum-of-four who cheekily told Eamonn he could call her any time then joked: "I’m saving the NHS money in the long run in the care system."

Viewers were outraged and many people took to Twitter to express their view.

You can watch her interview below.

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