Piers Morgan grills Karen Clifton about Will Young's shock Strictly exit

The Good Morning Britain presenter wouldn't take no for an answer

Never one to shy away from drama, Piers Morgan is having a very eventful week on Good Morning Britain.

The most recent of his foot-in-mouth moments was this morning when he spoke to Karen Clifton and Ore Oduba ahead of the Strictly Come Dancing tour.

Karen looked uncomfortable as Piers brought up Will Young (Credit: ITV)

After discussing Karen replacing her sister-in-law Joanne Clifton as Ore's partner on the dancing tour whilst she stars in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Piers swiftly moved the talk onto Karen's former Strictly partner, Will Young, who infamously quit the show - the reasons for which are still unknown.

Piers quickly cut in and said: "Did we ever find out what happened to old choker Will Young, by the way, who bottled it and ran away?"

Karen had a "tough time" when Will quit the show (Credit: ITV)

Karen exasperatedly laughed and said: "No... You know, I had to put a tough face on for that one. It was a tough time for me, I'm not gonna lie."

The presenter then quickly retorted: "I mean, talk about chucking you under a bus - ridiculous behaviour!"

Karen then said: "Well, you know, he had his, um, his reasons."

Piers seemed to grill Karen (Credit: ITV)

Piers pushed her, saying: "Does anyone know what that reason was?" - as she tries to say that she's not sure, he then firmly says: "You don't know."

Karen told him she wasn't 100% sure, and Piers can faintly be heard saying: "It seems very unfair" as Ore cuts in to help his new partner out.

Gent Ore came to Karen's aid and diverted the intense questioning (Credit: ITV)

The Strictly 2016 winner said: "It was a surprise for us all really, because the family - as you know, Susanna - is so tight, that if one person leaves, we all huddle together."

But Piers, of course, must have the last word, and confusingly said: "Well I thought it was pretty poor, as they say in Australia."

We say that here in the UK too, Piers!

The reasons for Will's sudden departure from Strictly have never been officially been revealed, but his awkward on-screen spat with Head Judge Len Goodman after his Salsa with Karen in Week 3 is said to be to do with it. Will didn't seem happy with Len's criticism of their dance and interrupted him during his critique, to which Len appeared to tell Will to "shut up".

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