Katie Price: 'I'll still be a sex symbol at 60!'

After posting a provocative picture on social media, in this week's Closer Magazine pals warn Katie Price that her determination to be seen as sexy could jeopardise what she really cares about. Here's a preview...

She posted a racy snap of herself in a red lace bra and knickers to Instagram last week, proving she’s still hell-bent on continuing her mission to revive her career as a glamour model that started over two decades ago.

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But pals say Katie Price, 39 - who’s spent over £100,000 on surgical procedures to alter her looks including a recent face lift - has become obsessed with holding onto her glamour model heyday, and her insecurities are worsened by her rocky marriage to toy boy Kieran Hayler, 30.

A source says: “Katie’s completely obsessed with her looks and often sits at home at night sobbing about how she’s old and washed-up and how no one will be remotely interested in her once she turns 40 next year.

Katie all dressed up recently for a night out (Credit: Instagram/ Katie Price)

“She’s frantic about losing her sex appeal and it's worsened by Kieran who teases her all the time. Being with Kieran makes her feel even worse as she says she’s constantly reminded of her age and is petrified he’s eyeing up younger, hotter versions of her.”

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