Lauren Goodger accused of altering picture to appear thinner... again

Not again, Lozza!

Lauren Goodger has been accused of altering a picture of herself so she looks thinner.

The Only Way Is Essex star posted a snap of herself in a figure-hugging outfit on Instagram on Sunday, but some followers noticed something wasn’t quite right about the photo.

In the image, the wall behind curves which suggests she altered it to make her thighs look smaller.

She put two pictures of herself side-by-side but only edited one of them, giving her secret away.

This isn’t the first time Lauren has changed a picture of herself - she shared a paparazzi picture with fans in July but altered it before posting it on Instagram.

Reacting at the time, one person commented: “She looks lovely but you can see she’s Photoshopped her legs to look skinnier but the fuzziness around them and how they’re bumpy.

“She looks amazing so she shouldn’t have to do that.”

Standing up for Lauren, another person wrote: “So what if it’s Photoshopped? Who doesn’t Photoshop their pics these days?!”

The reality star released a workout DVD this year after losing weight and working hard on her body, and she vowed to lose weight ahead of her return to TOWIE last month.

Lauren’s love life may have boosted her confidence as her relationship with her jailed boyfriend Joey Morrison is reportedly going from strength-to-strength.

A source told the Mirror: “Lauren is head over heels for Joey, she knows it’s hard for him being in jail while she’s on the outside so having his name tattooed on her wrist was the only way she could think to show him how serious she is about him.

“It’s in classic italic script, she wanted something timeless.

“She also knows people disapprove of her choice of boyfriend - she knows he doesn’t look like the ideal man on paper - but she believes he’s good for her and having the tattoo was another way of showing everyone she doesn’t care what people think.”

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