Lauren Goodger is determined to get pregnant by Joey while he's on his day release

TOWIE star Lauren Goodger would like to start a family sooner rather than later

It was only the other day we found out that Lauren Goodger and Joey Morrison temporarily split and now the TOWIE star has revealed she plans to have a baby VERY soon.

It is well known that Joey is currently serving an 18-year prison sentence for drug dealing, burglary and blackmail. Lauren and her boyfriend started their relationship last year while Joey was in prison and throughout the past year the reality star has gushed that Joey is "The One."

In an exclusive interview with Closer magazine, she admitted she's never been happier: "I've met the love of my life; it's the weirdest situation, but I have this excited feeling every day!

"Joey's going to be knackered when we're finally alone because we'll be very busy. There's lots to do!"

Lauren says she's met "the love of her life" (Credit: Closer Magazine)

She added: "I've been properly celibate for a year but he's worth the wait."

In March, Lauren appeared on Channel 5's In Therapy where she spoke about wanting to start a family. During her appearance, two of her friends revealed just how desperate the TOWIE star is to become a mum.

One of friend said: "She wants to have a baby while he comes out on day release so she'll do the pregnancy all by herself.

"I don't think she sees it like he's in prison, I think she sees it like he's coming out soon."

Lauren and Joey have been together for over a year (Credit: Instagram / laurenrosegoodger)

The 30-year-old TOWIE star has now confirmed that she wants to start a family and conceive as soon as possible – as in during his day release.

"I'd like it to happen. I've made no secret of the fact that I want a baby and the soon the better," she told Now magazine.

Lauren made it clear that she will NOT marry Joey behind bars (Credit: Closer magazine)

When the publication asked whether she would prefer to wait until Joey is released from prison before they start a family, she said: "No, we’re doing that now. I want to have a family and I hope that it happens soon!"

Although, Lauren admitted she would "never" marry Joey while he's in prison. She admitted: "I want to do the whole thing properly, so that wouldn’t happen.”

We can't wait to see a mini Lauren Goodger!


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