Lauren Goodger posts a video of her bikini body to PROVE she doesn't edit her photos

TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has hit back at photoshopping claims AGAIN

Lauren Goodger has slammed claims that she edits her Instagram photos by showing her figure off in a video but fans are divided.

It was only recent that the 30-year-old star turned the tables and accused paparazzi of photoshopping pictures of her and now Lauren has claimed again, that photos of her published in the media are edited.

The TOWIE star posted a video of herself in a bikini and wrote: "25.05.17 what a beautiful summers day! Had a pap outside my house again today and had a call saying I look like I've gained weight!

"Well this is the real me in a "video" which you can't edit so I'm sorry to say but these scumbag paparazzi need stop making me look 4 times the size!!!"

People have often accused the reality star of editing her photos (Credit: Instagrma / laurenrosegooder)

She continued: "And people stop need to stop saying I "Photoshop" my pictures when unfortunately, they take the bad pictures because they sell for more money not me!

"I'm not skinny and not claiming to be but I do not look like the mail online (most of the time) or these bad "pap" pics!

"They pick and choose when to make me look how I do in real life! #Preach #HadToBeDone #HadToBeSaid #ImNotFat"

However, some of Lauren's followers were quick to slam her for sharing the video following the Manchester terror attack. One person said: "Who cares about your weight when there's just been a bombing in Manchester with 22 people dead! Get over yourself you sad woman."

Another wrote: "Not great timing tbh who cares what they post and what they think stop caring and so will they, u have your health and family just be grateful instead of posting about image 24/7"

Some people slammed Lauren for her latest Instagram video (Credit: Instagram / laurenrosegoodger)

A third person argued: "Really Lauren getting a tad sick of all your posts about weight. Can you not talk about anything else, there's more to the world than that, like the bombing in Manchester for a start!!!"

Someone else argued: "More important things happening in the world that are far more important than the size of you Hun"

Although, some fans jumped to her defence with one saying: "You look fabulous why is everyone always quick to judge women's weight. We fluctuate!!! It's a natural thing to do. It's nice to see your comfortable in your own skin!!"

Someone else said: "You have a gorgeous figure."

Lauren hit back at photoshopping claims (Credit: Instagram . laurenrosegoodger)

Another commented: "You look fab Lauren... they need to cut you some slack and print the real pics of you it ain't fair xx"

A fourth person added: "That's terrible that they can do that and get away with it!! It's bullying in a way and no one deserves that. You've clearly worked hard to get the body you are happy with. Rise above it."


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