Lauren Goodger's relationship with Joey Morrison is like a "prison sentence"

It was recently reported that Lauren and Joey split

It was only the other day that everyone was speculating whether Lauren Goodger was engaged after she was spotted with a sparkling ring but shortly after it was reported that she split from her jailbird boyfriend Joey Morrison.

The TOWIE star and Joey have been dating since last year but the pair apparently called it quits last month. A source explained: "Lauren has told all her mates she is single - she said she has finished with Joey and that the relationship is over.

"It didn’t really come as a shock to anyone because people know it wasn’t exactly the perfect relationship for her to be in - in fact, we’re completely relived it’s all over," they told The Sun.

Lauren was recently spotted leaving Libertine club in London while holding someone else's hand (Credit: Vantage News)

The 30-year-old reality star appeared to then dismiss rumours on Twitter, shortly before a representative for her admitted Lauren is "question her relationship with Joey".

Lauren and Joey have been dating since early last year (Credit: Instagram / laurenrosegoodger)

They continued to tell the Daily Mail: "It’s not easy being with someone who is in prison especially with all the scrutiny and speculation.

"She loves Joey deeply but she needs time to work out if this relationship has legs and whether it will be worth it in the end."

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Since then, Lauren has been ignoring all the relationship drama by letting her hair down on a few nights out with her girl pals Lauryn Goodman and Pascal Craymer.

However, one of her close friends Lauryn has spoken out about the TOWIE stars relationship with Joey and compared it to a "prison sentence".

Lauren's pal Lauryn has opened up about the TOWIE stars relationship (Credit: Instagram / lauryngoodman91)

Opening up to New! she explained: "She hasn’t been out in like 15 months, since she got with Joey, really.

"Obviously, she wanted to stay in, be, like, what he wanted. She was trying to be good but to me that’s not being good."

Lauryn (far right) has decribed Lauren's relationship as a "prison sentence" (Credit: Instagram / lauryngoodman91)

She added: "That drives me insane. It’s like a prison sentence in itself."

The reality stars friend went on to admit that although she doesn't know Lauren's mindset, it seems that the TOWIE has come to a turning point on her relationship, as Lauryn explained: "She’s going to put herself first now. Finally!"

Lauren has denied splitting from Joey (Credit: Instagram / lauryngoodman91)

She added: "I don’t know Joey, or anything about him, but I think she probably knows deep down she shouldn’t be with him."



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