Linda Robson recalls HOW she caught her cheating ex, admitting she felt relief

Linda Robson has recounted the moment she found out for certain her ex-partner was cheating.

The Loose Women panellist opened up about her past during a discussion on the show today as she spoke with her co-stars about whether it was right to hire a honey trapper.

Former Birds of a Feather actress Linda had suspected her previous partner of 11 years had been unfaithful for a long time but had never found concrete proof.

But one day she found something that gave his game away, even though he fed her more lies as a result.

On the idea of hiring a private detective, Linda said: “I didn’t need that because I caught my ex several times cheating on me - even when I was pregnant with Lauren.

“Once I was away and Lauren was away with me. When I got back, everything seemed fine in the flat.

“But when I went to go to bed that night, I moved the pillow and there was a tissue with lipstick on it, and long blonde hairs.

“I remember saying to my ex ‘what’s this?’ and he said, ‘One of my friends stayed and her partner, it must be from her.’ But you know when you know?”

Linda - who also spoke with Loose Women guest, former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lauren Harries about her love life with her toyboy man - went on to describe the hunt for clues she undertook in a bid to uncover the truth.

She said: “I’d found letters, I followed him. I caught him with someone while I was pregnant with Lauren as well. I was waiting outside the house and he went into this girl’s house.”

But Linda was actually happy to have found confirmation for herself in the form of the lipstick-stained tissue.

She confessed: “When I found out, it was like a relief because you know then it’s over, you’re not going mad.”

Do you understand why Linda was relieved or would you just be angry and upset if you found out your partner was cheating? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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