Michelle Heaton's priority is being around for her daughter


Michelle Heaton: ‘Cancer surgery won’t ruin my baby dream’

Michelle Heaton has made the agonising decision to have both her breasts and her ovaries removed – but won’t give up on her dreams of a big family

“We’ve always wanted to give Faith a little brother or sister but, right now, being around and staying around for the child I already have is my priority.”

It’s been the most heartbreaking dilemma of her life, but Michelle Heaton has made the devastating decision to undergo a double mastectomy and have both ovaries removed in a drastic bid to avoid cancer.

Shattered Michelle, 33, who gave birth to her first child Faith in January, is struggling to cope with the “terrifying” prospect of the radical surgery.

But the distraught mum, who was diagnosed in August as carrying the BRCA2 gene, which gives women an 80 per cent chance of developing either breast or ovarian cancer, has told pals: “I really have no other option – I’m doing it to save my life. I don’t want to live waiting for it [cancer] to strike. I’m more scared than I’ve ever been in my life. I don’t want to die young – I want to see Faith grow up, get married and have children.”

Advised by doctors of the imminent risks she faces if she doesn’t go under the knife, brave Michelle is planning to have major surgery to remove both her breasts and her ovaries next year.

But Michelle, who still hopes to have more children with fitness trainer husband Hugh Hanley, 32, is now considering her fertility options.

In a recent interview, Michelle said: “We’ve always wanted to give Faith a little brother or sister but, right now, being around and staying around for the child I already have is my priority.”

Michelle Heaton

A pal says: “Michelle is inconsolable, but they haven’t given up on their dreams of wanting more children. They are determined that this cancer surgery won’t ruin their chances of another baby.”

The devastated star says she’s been well supported by her close friends and family and recently Tweeted: “It’s been a very tough couple of months. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and amazing friends.”

Before she has surgery, Michelle is kick-starting a cancer-prevention detox diet. Known for following a low-carb, high-protein regime, she’s also now sticking to organic foods and cutting out all additives and E numbers.

A source says: “Michelle says it’s all about eating herself healthy, so some foods are off the menu, but she has one day off a week. Hugh acts as her nutritionist, giving her all the information she needs.”

And super-fit Michelle, who is also a qualified personal trainer, is considering how to make the best of her body after the op. A pal says: “She’s planning to have reconstructive surgery and told friends she won’t be without breasts for the rest of her life.”

Before her increased risk of cancer was discovered, the former Liberty X singer was already coping with a condition that means her heart stops beating for up to a minute every few weeks, and even had to have a heart-monitoring device fitted.

But Michelle is determined to stay healthy. The pal adds: “She’s said she’s seen her family members die of cancer and she won’t put her family through it. She says it’s about being positive.”

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