Not in the mood? Frankie Bridge tells all about sex life with husband Wayne

Frankie Bridge made an appearance on Loose Women today and though she was there to chat about her new show Cannonball, it wasn't long before talk turned to matters of a more intimate nature.

Earlier in the show the panellists had been debating a claim made by a psychologist that couples should make love even when they're not in the mood.

Frankie wasn't shy when discussing her sex life on Loose Women (CREDIT: ITV)

Frankie, who has been married to footballer Wayne Bridge with whom she has two children for three years, didn't agree.

The former Saturdays singer said: "Nine times out of ten I will try and I can be persuaded, most of the time."

Frankie divulged some rather personal information... (CREDIT: ITV)

In a similarly indiscreet vein she continued: "But my point was if I’ve sat there and made it obvious…we go to sleep really late, we get in bed and end up watching some rubbish TV or something – and if you got into bed at 10 and you wanted it then that’s maybe you should have gone in for the kill.

"If it’s now gone midnight, I’m ready to go to sleep and you think it’s the right time to give it a go – and it’s never quick is it?"

The panel had been chatting about whether you should make love when you're not in the mood (CREDIT: ITV)

Too much information Frankie, too much!

And if she hadn't mortified her husband enough she felt the need to keep explaining her point of view.

Frankie ad Wayne have been married for three years and have two children (CREDIT: Instagram/WayneBridge)

She said: "Wayne’s quite persistent, I’m not going to lie. I can be persuaded, but if I’m feeling fat or if I’m feeling anxious that day or if I’m overly tired or emotional, that makes me not in the mood, whereas men – they’re always in the mood aren’t they?"

Well, we can all relate to that...

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