Nicola McLean's CBB column: 'Nadia has made it clear she doesn't like me- there's no love lost'

Nicola McLean shares her views on Nadia's eviction and THAT argument between Perez Hilton and Calum Best

“I had such a fun night on big brothers bit on the side on Friday night I was on the panel with one of the nicest men in the business, Eamonn Holmes, and the lovely Pasty Kensit. It was a fun panel! Me and Eamonn have the same opinions and had to try very hard not to say things that we would regret. Pasty Kensit was so stunning- she had a lovely aura.

"Nadia got evicted and had to face a baying crowd. I was happy Nadia left as I wanted either her or Perez to leave. It will be very interesting to see how Perez copes on his own.

"I have to say I was so disappointed that Perez was allowed to use such offensive language, I mean he got a warning but others would have been straight out of the house for that!

Nicola was shocked by Perez's abusive language
"It was just horrendous to watch the argument between Calum and Perez. Calum wanted to keep the peace and Perez rudely told him not to, so Calum and him had words. This ended in Calum calling Perez a ‘dick’, so Perez said he would be a ‘dick’. Calum retaliated with: ‘Be the dick then, you play it well,' to which Perez shockingly replied: “I will do, I'll be the huge dick and I'll shove it up your arse.”

"I don't no how Calum kept his cool as Perez aggressively repeated the words again. I thought Calum was going to hit Perez and I wouldn't have blamed him at all, surely threatening sexual assault is worse than any of the sexist remarks that Ken made.

"I mean Ken never threatened to insert a part of his body into any other housemates! Nadia wanted the police called over Ken saying he liked looking at girls bums!! But funnily enough I didn't hear her mention calling the police on Perez! She told him in the garden that he was wrong to say it and reasoned with him a little, but totally backed down as he argued that it was basically Calum and Katie Hopkins' fault that he said it!!

"So wrong. What comes out of your mouth is your responsibility! Nadia totally stands by her friendship with Perez and claimed on bit on the side that she thinks it's all Katie Hopkins fault. She also believes Perez's threats to stick his dick up Calum arse were Katie's fault because she had started the row!! I'm bemused by this but won't say much more about Nadia as it was very clear on Friday that she didn't like me, much so no love lost there.

"Katie Hopkins had a row with Keith over Kavana and I could see where she was coming from while the housemates talked about Kavana being drunk the night before, Keith went to say something that clearly wasn't favourable and then stopped himself. I do think Keith judges Kav's drinking.

Nadia told Perez he was wrong for what he said
"On top of this, Katie Hopkins called him a boring old bastard so now not only has Keith been told during his stay in Big Brother to 'fuk off,' he has also been called a ‘b*d’’ He will be emotionally scarred for life....

"The task at least showed the housemates a little of what the public are thinking and Nadia was surprised to be voted most disappointing. She of course blamed that on her friendship with Perez! Michelle visage was shocked to be voted high up on the list of biggest game players and she blamed this on Katie Hopkins- but perhaps she was joking? Katie Price was shocked that the public voted her more vain than Calum Best .... This house have done crazy things to these celebrities!!! Tonight we have a live show and a few surprises I can't wait...."

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