Peter Andre's wife Emily MacDonagh shares 'disappointment' after c-section

Peter Andre's wife Emily MacDonagh made an appearance on ITV's Lorraine show today and spoke about her 'disappointment' after giving birth to second child Theo by C-section.

Emily, a doctor, has spoken before about the complications around her son's birth, telling OK! Magazine that at a routine check up they discovered his weight had dropped and he was now breech: "I went to hospital and they tried to turn him from the outside, which was quite painful, but I didn’t want a C-section so I had to get through it."

Emily Macdonagh opened up about her experiences after a c-section (CREDIT: ITV)

And while chatting to Lorraine Kelly today, she revealed more about how the decision to have a caesarean has made her feel.

Emily told the host: "When I had Millie it was so quick and easy and I was just so happy with how it went, and I expected that to happen with Theo but it didn’t.

"The birth itself was fine but he was breech, so I planned to have a natural labour and obviously I couldn’t. So it was a planned caesarean in the end which I just didn’t expect.

"I felt disappointed. I felt like I had let [Peter] down because it is more risky having a caesarean than having a natural birth so I was worried about him. I looked into all the risks and worried myself more than I should have done."

Emily and Peter have two children together (CREDIT: Getty Images)

And the 28-year-old also opened up about the subsequent difficulties that recovering from a C-section can create. She explained: "The recovery was really hard.

"It was harder than I thought it would be in terms of managing the pain. I struggled quite a bit with the breastfeeding in terms of getting him in the right position and just not being able to drive."

Peter posted this sweet shot of Emily breastfeeding Theo to Instagram (CREDIT: Instagram/PeterAndre)

And the experience has clearly left its mark as Emily also told Lorraine she wouldn't want a caesarean again should she become pregnant for a third time.

She said: "I’d rather not. I think as well because I know I can do it with a natural. For me, I’d like to have a natural birth next time."

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