Rochelle Humes is the latest celeb to eat her own placenta

Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes is planning on consuming her placenta after giving birth last Friday

Celeb fads are hard to keep up with - one minute, something is absolutely gross; the next, Kim Kardashian's doing it and everyone NEEDS to follow suit.

And that's what seems to have happened with consuming the placenta after birth.

Following Rebekah Vardy, Blac Chyna and Natasha Hamilton, celebs are now turning to "Placenta Plus" pills, where the placenta is made into supplement pills.

Rochelle gave birth on Friday to baby Valentina Raine (Credit: Instagram/ Marvin Humes)

After giving birth on Friday to a gorgeous baby girl called Valentina Raine, The Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes has revealed that she will also be following the trend.

Welcoming her second child with JLS singer hubby Marvin Humes, the two are already parents to three-year-old Alaia Mai.

She announced the news of her placenta pills on Instagram by posting a gift box from company Placenta Plus, which included a bottle of pills made from her own placenta, a frame with her dried umbilical cord in spelling the word "love" and a note which said: "To Rochelle and Marvin, Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl, love Danielle!"

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She is the latest celeb to try the placenta pills (Credit: Instagram/ Rochelle Humes)

Rochelle posted the image alongside the caption: "After being very curious I took the plunge, so excited to feel the benefits..Thanks so much Danielle".

However, fans were divided by the pic.

Some fans were quite appalled by the image, writing: "That is absolutely disgusting", "The picture is awful looks like a old snake skin" and "No way, is it not gonna smell of rotting flesh? Surely there are nicer keep sakes!"

But some fans praised Rochelle and shared their own experiences, writing: "This is gorgeous", "Simply beautiful, precious and creative" and "Take no notice of the negative ninnies! Danielle encapsulated my placenta and I will hand on heart say it was the best decision I made! I'm so glad I had it done!"

What do YOU think? Would you eat your placenta and frame the dried umbilical cord? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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