Ross Kemp tells us about his perfect day (when he's not filming in war zones, that is!)

As his new series of Extreme World hits screens, we caught up with former EastEnders actor and award-winning investigative journalist, Ross Kemp, to find hear about his typical day...

When I’m not working, I love spending my days at home with the family. I wake up at whatever time my two-year-old son Leo wakes up – if he sleeps in, great - but he’s usually up at 7am. I’ll then have a play with him and head downstairs to start rustling up breakfast for us all.

We’ll have a cooked breakfast Either smoked salmon or bacon with scrambled eggs – and we’ll all be sitting together, my six-year-old son Oliver too if he’s with me. I’ll then feed my golden retriever Bruno - he’s really beautiful.

Ross is often in dangerous places filming his hit show Extreme World (Credit: Twitter/ Ross Kemp)

At weekends, we all love a long walk on the common. I live outside a place called Marlow in the Thames Valley and so we head for the woods around there.

Afterwards we’ll head home and I’ll get to work on a roast. I’ll put the chicken on and make the gravy. My wife, Renee, helps me and we’ll have our roast at around 3pm - and stuff ourselves!

Ross with his wife Renee (Credit: Getty)

Then, if there’s rugby on... I’ll sit on the sofa and watch it or, if the weather’s great, I’ll sit outside and play with the kids until bed time.

Once I've put my two-year-old to bed... I'll watch a silly Disney film with my eldest son before he heads to bed around 7pm. When they’re asleep, my wife and I relax. She bought me an amazing wood burner on wheels for my birthday, which you can light up and move wherever you want. So we’ll then sit outside on our sun balcony with a glass of wine before heading to bed around 10pm.

Ross Kemp: Extreme World continues Sunday 16th July at 9pm on Sky1 and NOW TV

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